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1. Why is Kathal Movie being searched so much on Google?

The reason why Kathal Movie is being searched extensively on Google is due to the popularity of the movie's star and the hard work put into the film.

  • The movie's star cast includes Sanya Malhotra, Anant Joshi, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Neha Saraf, Apratim Mishra, Mayank Vishwakarma, Pawan Prem, and Shashi Ranjan.
  • The film has gained attention for the remarkable performance of its lead actors and the engaging storyline.
  • Kathal Movie has garnered positive reviews from critics and viewers, contributing to its popularity.

2. Why should I choose your website for Kathal Movie Download instead of others?

When it comes to downloading Kathal Movie, our website offers several advantages over others:

  • Our website provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to navigate and find the movie download link.
  • We ensure a streamlined and hassle-free downloading experience without excessive advertisements that can disrupt your browsing.
  • You can download Kathal Movie in high-quality formats like HD+ without compromising on the viewing experience.

3. What are the cast and credits of Kathal Full Movie?

The cast and credits of Kathal Full Movie are as follows:

  • Release Date: 19 May 2023
  • Director: Yashowardhan Mishra
  • Star Cast: Sanya Malhotra, Anant Joshi, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Neha Saraf, Apratim Mishra, Mayank Vishwakarma, Pawan Prem, Shashi Ranjan
  • Music by: Ram Sampath
  • Producers: Guneet Monga, Ekta Kapoor, Achin Jain, Shobha Kapoor
  • Cinematography: Harshvir Oberai
  • Download Size: 1.4GB, 300MB, 800MB

4. What is the official trailer of Kathal Movie?

The official trailer of Kathal Movie can be viewed on various platforms, providing a glimpse into the film's storyline and visuals.

5. What is the plot of Kathal Movie?

Kathal Movie revolves around the story of Sub-Inspector Mahima Basor (played by Sanya Malhotra), who is assigned the task of finding a missing girl named Kathal. As Mahima delves into the investigation, she uncovers a network of missing girls and faces societal challenges along the way.

  • Mahima, despite facing discrimination as a lower-caste police officer, remains committed to her duty and carries out her responsibilities diligently.
  • During her search for Kathal, Mahima comes across the case of the gardener's missing daughter, which leads her deeper into the mystery.
  • The pressure mounts as Mahima tries to locate the missing girl and solve the larger issue of missing girls in the region.

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