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1. What is the plot of Gadar 2 movie?

The plot of Gadar 2 revolves around the character Tara Singh (played by Sunny Deol), a courageous and honorable Sikh truck driver residing in Amritsar, Punjab. The story is set against the backdrop of the 1947 Partition of India. One day, during the turbulent times of the Partition, Tara encounters a young Muslim girl named Sakina (played by Ameesha Patel), who is being pursued by a group of rioters.

Inspired by his strong sense of morality and compassion, Tara decides to protect Sakina from harm and helps her escape from the clutches of the rioters. During their journey together, a deep bond forms between Tara and Sakina, and they fall in love despite belonging to different religious backgrounds.

As their love story blossoms, they have to face numerous challenges, including societal prejudices and the violent aftermath of the partition. The movie portrays their struggle to stay together against all odds and the sacrifices they make for their love and their country.

Three important pieces of information:
  • The plot revolves around the love story of Tara Singh, a Sikh truck driver, and Sakina, a Muslim girl, set during the 1947 Partition of India.
  • Tara protects Sakina from rioters and the two fall in love, facing various challenges and societal prejudices.
  • The movie explores themes of love, sacrifice, and patriotism against the backdrop of India's historical partition.
  • 2. Who are the lead stars and director of Gadar 2 movie?

    The lead stars in Gadar 2 are Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. The movie is directed by Anil Sharma, who also co-produced it alongside Kamal Mukut.

    Three important pieces of information:
  • The lead roles are played by Sunny Deol (Tara Singh) and Ameesha Patel (Sakina).
  • Anil Sharma is the director of the film.
  • Anil Sharma and Kamal Mukut are the co-producers of Gadar 2.
  • 3. When was Gadar 2 movie released, and in which languages?

    Gadar 2 was released on August 11, 2023, in multiple languages, including Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi.

    Three important pieces of information:
  • The film was released on August 11, 2023.
  • Gadar 2 is available in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi languages.
  • It was released simultaneously in theaters and various online platforms.
  • 4. What is the budget of Gadar 2 movie?

    The estimated budget of Gadar 2 movie is around 50 crore rupees.

    Three important pieces of information:
  • The movie was made with a budget of approximately 50 crore rupees.
  • A movie's success depends on its box office earnings surpassing its production cost.
  • 50 crore rupees is the estimated overall cost of Gadar 2.
  • 5. Where can I watch/download Gadar 2 movie?

    Gadar 2 movie can be watched in theaters and online platforms, and it is available for download on various websites like Filmyzilla, Netflix, and Filmy4Wap.

    Three important pieces of information:
  • Gadar 2 can be viewed in theaters as well as on online platforms.
  • Online users search for Gadar 2 movie download on Filmyzilla, Filmy4Wap, and Netflix.
  • It is available in different formats and quality options, including 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p.
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