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10th pass jobs in bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India. Nicknamed as the Silicon Valley of India, it is a major hub for information technology, aerospace, and biotechnology. The diverse job market in Bangalore offers a wide range of opportunities even for 10th pass individuals due to rising industries and demand for skilled workers.

10th pass jobs in bangalore 

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is booming in Bangalore with the influx of business travelers and tourists. Many hotels, restaurants, resorts and event management companies seek to hire 10th pass candidates for entry level jobs such as:

  • Housekeeping Staff - Responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and public areas. Need basic literacy and ability to follow instructions.
  • Kitchen Assistant - Assist in food preparation, chopping vegetables, washing dishes etc. Attention to hygiene and ability to work on one's feet required.
  • Waiter/Waitress - Take customer orders, serve food and beverages, present bills. Need good communication skills and basic English proficiency.
  • Front Desk Executive - Greet and check-in/check-out guests, handle reservations and inquiries. Basic computer skills needed along with good etiquette.

These roles provide the opportunity to learn customer service skills and work discipline. Housekeeping staff start early morning shifts while waiters/front desk executives work in evenings or night shifts. Hard work and positive attitude can ensure career growth in this sector.

Retail Industry

The retail sector comprising malls, supermarkets, and specialty stores provides multiple career options in Bangalore. 10th pass individuals can apply for positions like:

  • Sales Assistant - Attend to customer inquiries, assist them in selecting products, handle billing at checkout counters.
  • Cashier - Operate cash registers, scan items, process payments, issue receipts, maintain cash balance.
  • Stockroom Assistant - Unload supplies, sort, tag and stack shelves, take periodic inventory, maintain stock levels.
  • Delivery Executive - Pick up and deliver orders from warehouse to customer locations in a timely manner.

These roles help build skills in customer interaction, responsiveness, diligence and become more comfortable using systems and technology. Full time or part-time jobs allow earning an income while learning on the job. Experience in retail can open doors to higher positions like sales manager, store manager etc.

Customer Service

With Bangalore being an IT/startup hub, customer service is a vital function. Many companies seek 10th pass candidates for roles like:

  • Customer Service Executive - Handle inbound/outbound calls, email, social media queries. Troubleshoot problems, provide information and support.
  • Technical Support - Respond to customer issues on call, chat, remote access to resolve software/hardware problems.
  • Billing Support - Explain invoices, charges, resolve discrepancies, collect payments.
  • Telemarketing - Make outbound calls to generate leads or conduct surveys and feedback.

Customer service positions allow learning communication etiquette, improving English reading/speaking skills, understanding consumer needs while gaining work experience. Performance-linked incentives can boost monthly income. Many companies provide free meals and transport too.

Security Services

Bangalore's expanding residential complexes, corporate parks, hotels, retails outlets and malls require robust security services creating jobs like:

  • Security Guard - Monitor premises, permit authorized access, prevent theft/violence, enforce rules.
  • CCTV Operator - Monitor live CCTV footage, detect irregular activities and alert security response teams.
  • Security Supervisor - Oversee team of guards, prepare duty rosters, conduct inspections and train guards.

These roles require diligence, alertness and readiness for quick response. Ex-servicemen are sought after but 10th pass individuals can also find employment if they meet physical fitness standards. It inculcates discipline and provides a steady monthly income. Higher promotions are possible over time.

Delivery Services

With online deliveries gaining popularity, companies need delivery personnel to satisfy customer demand. Those with a valid 2-wheeler license can apply for roles like:

  • Food Delivery Executive - Pick up orders from restaurants and deliver to customers' doorstep.
  • Grocery Delivery - Collect orders from warehouses and supply to clients in neighborhoods.
  • Courier Delivery - Receive parcels from logistics offices and distribute to recipients in allocated areas.

These roles provide earning opportunities by working for a few hours in mornings/evenings as per convenience. Reliability, navigation skills, and basic vehicular maintenance is needed. Initiative takers can rise to become team leaders managing other delivery executives in a zone.

Industry Key Roles
Hospitality Housekeeping Staff, Waiter, Kitchen Assistant, Front Desk Executive
Retail Sales Assistant, Cashier, Delivery Executive, Stockroom Assistant
Customer Service Customer Support Executive, Technical Support, Billing Support, Telemarketing
Security Services Security Guard, CCTV Operator, Security Supervisor
Delivery Services Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Courier Delivery

In conclusion, Bangalore offers diverse employment opportunities for 10th pass individuals due to its thriving industries, commercial establishments and infrastructure development. The roles mentioned above provide a starting point to gain work experience, soft skills, and a source of income. With dedication and a willingness to learn, individuals can establish rewarding long-term careers despite their educational qualifications.


Q1: What are the key industries offering jobs for 10th pass in Bangalore?

A1: The main industries offering jobs for 10th pass individuals in Bangalore are hospitality, retail, customer service, security services and delivery services. Each sector has multiple roles to apply for like waiter, cashier, customer support executive, security guard and delivery executive jobs.

Q2: What kind of salary can a 10th pass person expect in Bangalore?

A2: Salaries may range between Rs.12,000 to Rs.18,000 per month for entry level jobs. With experience, salaries can increase to Rs.20,000-25,000 based on performance and role. Tips in hospitality and incentives in delivery can supplement regular income.

Q3: What are the must-have skills for 10th pass jobs in Bangalore?

A3: Basic English communication, working knowledge of local languages, basic computer literacy, customer service orientation, physical fitness, valid 2-wheeler license are some key skills. Being reliable, hardworking and having a positive attitude also helps.

Q4: What is the career growth prospect in these roles?

A4: Starting as trainees, individuals can become supervisors, shift leaders and managers with experience. A diploma/certification also helps in advancement to higher positions within each field in a few years.

Q5: Which companies offer better opportunities for 10th pass in Bangalore?

A5: Large hospitality brands like Taj, Oberoi, Marriott, food chains like McDonalds, Dominos, retail giants like Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Reliance, Shoppers Stop, Titan, Metro Cash and Carry etc. offer jobs and career growth.

Q6: Does 10th pass limit opportunities for learning and growth in one's career?

A6: No, 10th pass does not limit opportunity if individuals are willing to work hard and learn on the job. Many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists

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