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Complete FASTag KYC by 31st Jan or Risk Closure

Complete FASTag KYC by 31st Jan or Risk Closure: NHAI has set a deadline of 31st Jan for FASTag holders to complete KYC, failing which FASTags may be closed. Learn more about the implications and steps to complete KYC.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued an important notice for FASTag users. As per the notice, FASTags without completed Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities are at risk of closure after 31st January 2024.

Need to Complete FASTag KYC

NHAI aims to promote a smooth experience for FASTag users under the One Vehicle One FASTag campaign. To aid this, completing KYC formalities has been deemed mandatory. If drivers do not complete KYC for their FASTags by 31st Jan 2023, the FASTags may be blacklisted and closed by NHAI.

This is an urgent requirement as failing to complete KYC can cause significant difficulties for vehicle owners. With a blacklisted or closed FASTag, drivers may have to pay double the toll charges at plazas.

Implications of Non-Compliance

As per NHAI's notice, the implications of not completing FASTag KYC by the deadline are serious:

  • FASTag may be immediately blacklisted and closed
  • Vehicle owners will have to pay double toll charges at plazas
  • Accounts with multiple FASTags registered will also face blacklisting

Clearly, failing to take action before 31st January can create massive hassles and additional expenses for drivers. As such, completing KYC at the earliest is advisable.

Process to Complete FASTag KYC

The process of completing KYC for your FASTag is simple and quick through the following steps:

  1. Visit the official FASTag provider app or website
  2. Sign in using your account credentials
  3. Go to account settings and provide pending KYC information
  4. Upload documents like ID proof, address proof if needed
  5. Submit details and complete KYC process

Relevant documents like Aadhaar, DL, and address proof must be kept handy. KYC approval may take 48 hours after submission.

Other FASTag Guidelines

Along with completing KYC, NHAI has provided other FASTag usage guidelines as well:

  • Only 1 FASTag per vehicle is allowed
  • FASTag is vehicle specific and not driver specific
  • Do not use old tags after getting a new FASTag

Adhering to these rules will prevent inconveniences related to toll payments and administrative action.

Deadline Implication
31st January 2024 KYC not completed - FASTag closed
One Vehicle Only 1 FASTag allowed per vehicle


In conclusion, completing KYC verification for FASTags before 31st January 2024 is absolutely essential. This will prevent FASTag deactivation and the added expenses resulting from double toll payments. Follow the simple KYC process outlined above without delay for smooth FASTag functionality.


Q: Why is completing FASTag KYC mandatory?

A: FASTag KYC has been made mandatory by NHAI before 31st January to enable smooth functionality and provide better convenience to vehicle owners under the One Vehicle One FASTag campaign.

Q: What documents do I need for FASTag KYC?

A: You will need documents for identity proof (Aadhaar, PAN, DL, etc) and address proof (Aadhaar, electricity bill, etc). Upload clear digital copies for completing KYC.

Q: What happens if FASTag KYC is not completed?

A: As per NHAI, if KYC verification is not completed by 31st Jan 2024, the FASTag may be blacklisted and closed immediately.

Q: Can I have multiple FASTags for my vehicle?

A: No, only ONE valid FASTag must be registered for a vehicle as per FASTag guidelines. Multiple tags can lead to blacklisting.

Q: How can I complete FASTag KYC formalities?

A: You must visit the website or app of your FASTag issuer like Paytm, Airtel, HDFC, etc and submit pending KYC documents before 31st January.

Q: Is physical verification required for FASTag KYC?

A: No physical verification is required. You only need to submit valid identity and address proof documents online to complete verification.


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