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E Gram Swaraj Portal and Mobile App

The E Gram Swaraj Portal and mobile app were launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on National Panchayati Raj Day, April 24, 2020. The initiatives aim to strengthen e-governance and bring transparency to Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) across India.

The E Gram Swaraj Portal serves as a single platform to digitize gram panchayats and streamline their accounting and reporting. It provides comprehensive information on panchayat activities like development works, finances, assets, plans, and schemes. The portal rationalizes data entry and simplifies navigation for users.

E Gram Swaraj Portal and Mobile App

The E Gram Swaraj mobile app allows citizens to conveniently access information on their local panchayats. Key features offered by the app and portal include:

  • Monitoring panchayat activities and schemes
  • Viewing panchayat budgets and fund allocation
  • Accessing details of elected panchayat members
  • Downloading plans, reports and documents

The initiatives aim to bring transparency and accountability in decentralized governance. They empower local communities to participate in grassroots planning and development.

Benefits of the E Gram Swaraj Portal

The E Gram Swaraj Portal offers various benefits to citizens, panchayats, and local governments:

Beneficiary Benefits
Citizens - Monitor panchayat activities and schemes
- Access panchayat information and documents
- Provide feedback
Panchayats - Simplified reporting and accounting
- Better planning, monitoring and coordination
- Increased transparency and accountability
Local Governments - Real-time reporting from panchayats
- Data-driven monitoring and policymaking
- Strengthened e-governance

By streamlining panchayat operations and providing easy access to information, the portal empowers citizens and enhances rural governance.

Objectives of the E Gram Swaraj Portal

The key objectives of the E Gram Swaraj Portal are:

  • Provide information on Ministry of Panchayati Raj schemes and activities
  • Enable citizens to access details on village development works
  • Publish information on elected panchayat officials
  • Digitize accounting, reporting and planning of panchayats
  • Promote transparency, accountability and citizen participation

By serving as a one-stop platform for all stakeholders, the portal aims to strengthen e-governance and transform the functioning of rural local bodies.

Key Features of the E Gram Swaraj App

The E Gram Swaraj mobile app makes panchayat information easily accessible to citizens through their smartphones. Some key features include:

Feature Description
Panchayat Directory Search and view details of any panchayat
Schemes and Projects Information on ongoing schemes and development works
Budgets and Expenditure View panchayat budgets, funds received and expenditure

The app also allows users to view tenders, download documents, track requests and provide feedback. Its intuitive interface and regional language support make information easily accessible to common citizens.

How to Use the E Gram Swaraj Portal and App

Citizens can access the portal and app in the following ways:

  • Visit egramswaraj.gov.in
  • Search or browse to find panchayat
  • View details and download reports
  • Download app from Google Play Store
  • Register and create account
  • Search and view panchayat information

The portal and app offer a wealth of village-level information to citizens at their fingertips. Users can also track the status of requests and complaints lodged through the platforms.

Impact of the E Gram Swaraj Initiative

Since its launch, the E Gram Swaraj Portal and app have benefited various stakeholders in multiple ways:

  • Citizens are able to participate more actively in panchayat affairs and track development works.
  • Panchayats have experienced greater transparency, efficiency and community engagement.
  • State and district administrations have improved monitoring and rapid response to local needs.
  • The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has gained rich data to formulate policies and schemes.

By enabling e-governance at the grassroots, the E Gram Swaraj platforms are helping transform rural service delivery across India.

Click Here: egramswaraj.gov.in


The E Gram Swaraj Portal and mobile app have opened new avenues for strengthening transparency, accountability and participation in decentralized governance. They have boosted e-governance in panchayats and empowered citizens with information regarding local development. Wider adoption of these digital platforms can help realize the vision of Gram Swaraj laid out by Mahatma Gandhi and India’s founding fathers.


Q: What is the purpose of the E Gram Swaraj Portal?

A: The E Gram Swaraj Portal aims to digitize panchayat functioning for better e-governance, transparency and citizen participation in rural India.

Q: Who launched the E Gram Swaraj Portal?

A: The E Gram Swaraj Portal was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on National Panchayati Raj Day, April 24, 2020.

Q: What services does the E Gram Swaraj App provide?

A: The app allows citizens to access details of panchayat budgets, members, ongoing schemes, documents and development works.

Q: How can I access the E Gram Swaraj Portal?

A: You can access it through the website egramswaraj.gov.in or by downloading the mobile app from Google Play Store.

Q: What are the benefits of the E Gram Swaraj initiative?

A: It has increased transparency, participation and efficiency in panchayats while empowering citizens with information.

Q: Who can use the E Gram Swaraj Portal and App?

A: They are available for public access and any citizen can use them to view panchayat details and provide feedback.


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