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Ktet Category 3 Previous Question Papers with Answers pdf

KTET Category 3 Exam Details

The Kerala Teacher Eligibility Test (KTET) is conducted to recruit teachers for schools in Kerala, India. Category 3 teachers teach classes 9-12. This article provides details about the KTET category 3 exam, including eligibility criteria, exam pattern, and sample question papers.

ktet category 3 previous question papers

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility criteria for KTET category 3 exam are:

  • BA/BSc/BCom with minimum 45% marks and BEd in relevant subject
  • MScEd in subject with minimum 50% marks (for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology)
  • BA with 45% marks and LTTC
  • No age limit
  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • No limit on number of attempts

Exam Pattern

The KTET category 3 exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions to be solved in 150 minutes. There is no negative marking.

Subject No. of Questions Marks
Adolescent Psychology 40 40
Language (Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada/English) 30 30
Subject Based 80 80
Total 150 150

Thorough preparation using previous years' question papers is essential for success in KTET category 3 exam. Download sample papers to understand the exam format and pattern.

Sample Question Papers

Here are some sample question papers for KTET category 3 exam:

Adolescent Psychology

1) Who proposed the theory of psychosocial development?

a) Erikson b) Piaget c) Kohlberg d) Vygotsky

2) Identity versus role confusion is associated with which stage of psychosocial development?

a) Infancy b) Early childhood c) Adolescence d) Adulthood


1) Fill in the blank with the right preposition:

The boy jumped _______ the wall.

a) above b) over c) below d) across

2) Choose the correct synonym of the word 'mellifluous':

a) noisy b) melodious c) harsh d) loud


1) The S.I unit of work is:

a) Joule b) Newton c) Watt d) Volt

2) Sound waves are _______ waves.

a) longitudinal b) transverse c) electromagnetic d) polarised

Practicing sample papers helps understand the exam pattern and difficulty level. Download previous years' KTET category 3 question papers for the best preparation.


The KTET category 3 exam aims to recruit competent teachers for classes 9-12 in Kerala. Thorough preparation by solving sample papers is key to cracking this exam. Regular practice of KTET previous years' question papers enhances speed, accuracy and time management - essential skills for success.


Q1: How many questions are there in KTET category 3 exam?

A1: There are a total of 150 multiple choice questions in the KTET category 3 exam.

Q2: What is the time duration of KTET category 3 exam?

A2: The total time given is 150 minutes or 2 hours 30 minutes.

Q3: Is there negative marking in KTET category 3?

A3: No, there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Q4: How many subjects are covered in KTET category 3?

A4: There are 3 subjects - Adolescent Psychology, Language, and Subject specific questions.

Q5: What is the qualifying marks for KTET category 3?

A5: You need to score a minimum of 60% marks or 90 marks to qualify.

Q6: How can I best prepare for KTET category 3 exam?

A6: Solving previous years' question papers and mock tests is the best way to prepare for KTET category 3 exam.

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