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Punjab Land Record Society Manual { Direct Link } Check Jamaband

The Punjab government has introduced an online portal called Jamabandi Punjab Portal under the Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) to provide digital access to land records for the residents of the state. This allows citizens to conveniently view and check the status of their respective land records from home. The portal offers services like viewing Jamabandi, mutation reports, and more. This article provides information on the benefits and services offered by the Jamabandi Punjab Portal along with step-by-step procedures to use the services.

Punjab Land Records Online  { Direct Link }

 Punjab Land Record Society Overview
Launched By Government of Punjab
Name Punjab Land Records Society
Objective Provide digital access to land records for Punjab residents
State Punjab
Beneficiaries People of Punjab
Benefits Easy online access to land records
Mode Online
Portal jamabandi.punjab.gov.in

The Revenue Department of Punjab along with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) developed the Jamabandi Punjab Portal to provide easy and convenient online access to land records like Jamabandi, mutation reports etc. for the citizens of Punjab. This promotes digitization in the state. PLRS was established by the Punjab government and is authorized under the Registration Act, 1860. Through PLRS, several land and revenue related processes have been digitized.

Key Services

The Jamabandi Punjab Portal provides the following key services:

Service Details
Jamabandi View View and download Jamabandi online
Mutation Report Check mutation report online
Mutation Status Check current status of mutation application
Nakal Get certified copies of land records
Cadastral Map View cadastral map of land parcel
Fard Request Apply online for Fard

In addition to the above services, citizens can also check Roznamcha, access integrated property details, apply for water/sewerage connections, view property tax registers etc. on the portal.

Benefits of Online Land Records

The online portal offers following benefits:

  • Easy anytime access to land records from home
  • Saves time spent visiting offices physically
  • Reduces errors in manual records
  • Brings transparency and accountability

How to Check Jamabandi Online?

Follow these steps to check Jamabandi online:

  1. Visit portal jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
  2. Click on Jamabandi option in the menu
  3. Select search criterion - Owner Name, Khewat No., Khasra No. etc.
  4. Enter the details and click Search
  5. Jamabandi will appear on screen
  6. Check and download if required

About Fard in Punjab

Fard is known by different names like Jamabandi, Records of Rights (ROR) etc. It contains land owner details and other information. For home buyers, sale deed is proof of land possession. For landlords, Jamabandi is proof of ownership. To get Fard, applicants must visit the Jamabandi Punjab Portal.

Click Here: http://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/

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The Jamabandi Punjab Portal provides easy online access to land records like Jamabandi, mutation status and reports, nakal, maps etc. This saves time and effort for citizens while bringing transparency and accountability in land records maintenance. Citizens must use the portal for efficient access to their land records.


Q1: What is Jamabandi Punjab Portal?

A1: Jamabandi Punjab Portal is an online portal developed under Punjab Land Records Society to provide digital access to land records like Jamabandi, mutation reports etc. for citizens of Punjab.

Q2: What services does it provide?

A2: Key services include Jamabandi view, mutation reports & status, nakal, cadastral maps, online fard requests etc.

Q3: Who can use the portal?

A3: Any resident of Punjab who wants to check or download their land records can use the Jamabandi Punjab Portal.

Q4: What are the benefits?

A4: It provides easy access to records from home, saves time & effort, reduces errors and brings transparency.

Q5: How to check Jamabandi online?

A5: Visit portal, select Jamabandi option, choose search criterion, enter details, search and download Jamabandi.

Q6: What is Fard in Punjab?

A6: Fard contains land owner details. It is also known as Jamabandi or Records of Rights (ROR) in Punjab.


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