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Startup Business Insurance: Why It’s Crucial, Types Needed And Cost


Having proper business insurance is crucial for startups to protect against risks and lawsuits that could financially hurt the company. This article will discuss the main types of insurance startups need, why insurance is important, how to choose the right coverage, and estimated costs.

Startup Business Insurance

Types of Insurance for Startups

A business owners policy (BOP) contains three key coverages and is often cheaper than buying each separately:

  • General liability insurance - Covers property damage and injury claims
  • Commercial property insurance - Covers damage to business location and property
  • Business interruption insurance - Covers lost income if unable to operate temporarily

Other common types of insurance include:

Insurance Type What It Covers
Commercial auto Covers vehicles used for business purposes
Commercial umbrella Provides extra liability coverage beyond general liability limits
Cyber liability Covers data breaches and cyber threats

Additional types like directors and officers, professional liability, workers comp, etc. can be added as needed.

Importance of Business Insurance for Startups

Insurance is crucial for startups to cover risks like lawsuits, injuries, theft, and cyber attacks. Without coverage, startups would have to pay claims out of pocket which could be financially devastating.

For example, professional liability insurance would cover legal costs if a client sues for inaccurate advice leading to losses.

Choosing the Right Insurance

Tips for choosing startup business insurance:

  • Get a BOP then add other policies as needed
  • Compare quotes from multiple insurers
  • Reassess needs as the business evolves
  • Address industry-specific risks

Ensure coverage fits the startup's services, number of employees, revenue, and claims history.

Insurance Costs

Average monthly costs:

  • General liability - $42
  • Professional liability - $61
  • Workers comp - $45

Exact costs depend on startup size, location, industry, revenue, and other factors.


Having adequate insurance is essential for startups to protect against risks that could severely impact the business financially. Startups should get coverage like a BOP then add policies to address industry-specific risks. Regularly reviewing and updating insurance as the business evolves is key.


Q: Why is general liability insurance important?

A: General liability insurance covers costs related to 3rd party bodily injury and property damage claims, protecting startups from expensive lawsuits.

Q: What is covered by commercial property insurance?

A: It covers physical business locations and property like furniture, equipment, tools, and inventory for damage from events like theft, vandalism, or severe weather.

Q: When should you reassess startup insurance needs?

A: As major changes occur like adding products/services, employees, vehicles, etc. Review policies at least annually to ensure adequate coverage.

Q: What impacts startup insurance costs?

A: Key factors are business size, location, industry, revenue, number of employees, services offered, and claims history.

Q: Does business interruption insurance cover lost income?

A: Yes, it covers lost income if the business can't operate temporarily due to a covered event like fire damage.

Q: Why get commercial auto insurance?

A: It covers vehicles used for business purposes since personal auto policies won't cover work-related accidents.


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