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Watchman Web Series Cast

Watchman Web Series Cast, including a full cast breakdown, plot summary, analysis of the lead characters, and an FAQ section. The new Hindi language web series “Watchman” premiered on the Ullu streaming platform on January 31st, 2023. This dramatic fictional show follows the life of Vinay, a watchman working in an apartment complex, and his complicated relationships with various women residents.

Important Details - Main Cast

Actor Character
Vishesh Arora Vinay
Priya Gamre Mamatha
Aritaa Paul Chaya

Lead Actor Vishesh Arora as Vinay

Role Details
Character Humble watchman with big dreams
Performance Realistic and emotional

Talented actor Vishesh Arora takes on the lead role of Vinay, a sincere watchman working at an apartment complex. Despite his modest job, Vinay has ambitious dreams that he hopes to achieve someday.

Leading Ladies Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul

Actress Role
Priya Gamre Mamatha
Aritaa Paul Chaya

Seasoned actress Priya Gamre plays the role of Mamatha, a complex woman living in the apartments who develops a relationship with Vinay. Likewise, Aritaa Paul brings her acting talents to the character of Chaya, another leading lady whose life intersects with the watchman.

Supporting Cast

The web series also features a strong supporting cast:

Actor Role
Tanya Chatterjee Neighbour Tanu
Abhiraj Singh Fellow watchman Ravi
Divyendra Singh Resident Amit
Pihu Singh Laali

These talented supporting actors help round out the cast and add depth to the unfolding drama.

Plot Summary

The show follows Vinay's complicated relationships with various women residents and the ups and downs in his personal life as a modest watchman who dreams of achieving more. Scenes explore Vinay's caring personality as he forms meaningful bonds and faces struggles. The realistic portrayal tugs at viewers' emotions.

Why Watch

With its suspenseful plot, in-depth character development, and standout acting performances, Watchman provides an engaging viewing experience. The authentic, emotional storytelling allows audiences to connect with the complex characters.


Centered around an earnest watchman brought to life by a talented lead actor, the new Hindi web series Watchman offers an authentic, character-driven narrative. Backed by acclaimed actresses Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul in prominent female roles, the show provides a compelling and addictive viewing experience.


Q1: What is the plot of Watchman?

A1: Watchman follows Vinay, the humble watchman of an apartment complex, as he develops complicated relationships with various women residents, facing struggles amidst hopes of achieving his dreams.

Q2: Who is the lead actor?

A2: Talented actor Vishesh Arora plays the central role of sincere watchman Vinay, grounding the series with his realistic and emotional performance.

Q3: Who plays the key female characters?

A3: Acclaimed actresses Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul play the roles of complex leading ladies Mamatha and Chaya, inhabiting nuanced characters crucial to the plot.

Q4: How long is Watchman?

A4: Watchman is presented as a short series on Ullu, with all episodes available to binge watch in sequence until the dramatic conclusion.

Q5: Why should I watch Watchman?

A5: With Suspense, emotional character depth, realistic acting and an addictive storyline, Watchman offers an entertaining viewing experience perfect for fans of dramatic web series.

Q6: What format is Watchman available in?

A6: Watchman can be streamed online exclusively through a subscription to the Ullu app, available on multiple platforms and devices.

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