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MP Vimarsh Portal Login || How to Access the MP Education Portal

The Madhya Pradesh government has launched the Vimarsh Portal to support education in the state. This online portal provides key information and services to students and teachers. Some of the key features of the MP Vimarsh Portal are:

MP Vimarsh Portal Login 

Overview of MP Vimarsh Portal

The MP Vimarsh Portal was started by the Directorate of Public Education of Madhya Pradesh. It serves as an online education portal to assist learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The portal helps teachers provide education to students remotely. It acts as a link between students and teachers across the state.

The portal offers access to important educational resources like question banks, tutorial videos, training materials, exam notifications, results etc. It allows teachers to upload videos on academic topics for students. Students can access these learning resources from home on the portal.

Key Objectives of the Portal

Some of the main objectives of launching the MP Vimarsh Portal are:

  • Continue education for students during Covid-19 restrictions
  • Provide access to learning resources like question banks, study material
  • Allow teachers to share educational videos with students
  • Publish exam timetables, results, notifications for students
  • Link schools across the state on a common digital platform

Benefits of the MP Vimarsh Portal

The MP Vimarsh Portal offers the following benefits:

Benefits Details
Access to Resources Get question banks, study material, training videos
Exam Information Timetables, results, notifications
Teacher Interaction Watch subject videos uploaded by teachers

The portal saves time for both students and teachers. It provides an easy way for students to continue learning from home. Teachers can upload videos and content without physical limitations.

Eligibility Criteria

The MP Vimarsh Portal can be accessed only by:

  • Students of classes 9th to 12th
  • Teachers and educational staff
  • Users must be residents of Madhya Pradesh

Required documents for registration include - Aadhar card, email ID, mobile number, ID card, address proof etc.

Key Features of the Portal

Some main features of the MP Vimarsh Portal are:

  • Discussion forums for teachers and students
  • Question banks for practice
  • Online training and tutorial videos
  • Exam timetables and results
  • Learning management system
  • Profile management for students and teachers
  • Study material and notes
  • Latest notifications and circulars

How to Access the MP Vimarsh Portal

Follow these steps to access and use the MP Vimarsh Portal:

  1. Go to the official portal - vimarsh.mp.gov.in
  2. For students - Register with basic details
  3. For teachers - Complete PLC registration process
  4. Login using registered credentials
  5. Access portal features like question banks, results etc.
  6. Students can view teacher videos, study material
  7. Teachers can upload academic videos, monitor student progress

The MP Vimarsh Portal serves as a digital bridge providing online education services in the state. It enables anytime, anywhere learning for students during these difficult times. Both students and teachers can utilize the portal to ensure education continuity.


The MP Vimarsh Portal has emerged as an invaluable platform for enabling remote learning during the pandemic. It provides access to a wealth of academic resources and tools that aid students and teachers. The portal facilitates continuous education while maintaining safety during these times. It has become integral in building digital capabilities and transforming education in Madhya Pradesh.

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Q1: Who can access the MP Vimarsh Portal?

A1: The MP Vimarsh Portal can be accessed by students of classes 9th to 12th and teachers belonging to educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh.

Q2: What are some key features of the portal?

A2: Key features include question banks, exam notifications, results, online training videos, discussion forums, learning management tools, profile management etc.

Q3: How can teachers use the MP Vimarsh Portal?

A3: Teachers can register on the portal to access features like discussion forums, uploading academic videos, monitoring student progress, sharing notes and study material.

Q4: How can students access learning content on the portal?

A4: Students can register on the portal and then access question banks, mock tests, tutorial videos, notes, results and other resources shared by their teachers.

Q5: Is any registration required to use the portal?

A5: Yes, both teachers and students need to complete a simple registration process by submitting basic details in order to access the portal and its features.

Q6: What are the main objectives of the MP Vimarsh Portal?

A6: The key objectives are to facilitate continuous learning during Covid-19, provide digital education tools and resources, enable teacher-student interaction and share exam updates.


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