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Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana

The government of Madhya Pradesh has launched the Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana or Chief Minister Residential Land Rights Scheme to provide free residential plots to landless families for housing. This scheme is being implemented in urban and rural areas to help the poor and needy get their own home.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has highlighted this scheme as one of the five major revolutions under the Panch Kranti initiative. The other four revolutions are - education, employment, empowerment of women, and security.

Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana 

About Chief Minister Residential Land Rights Scheme

The scheme aims to provide 60 sq.m of residential plot free of cost to eligible homeless families in Madhya Pradesh for constructing their house. The government believes that food, clothing and shelter are basic necessities of life. This scheme will help improve living standards of the poor by enabling them to build their own home.

Benefits Under the Scheme

The key benefits offered under the Chief Minister Residential Land Rights Scheme are:

  • Free residential plot of 60 sq.m to eligible landless families
  • Financial assistance from banks for house construction on the allotted plot
  • Promote housing for all and enhance living standards of the poor

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible under the scheme, the applicant must:

  • Be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh
  • Not own a house or residential land
  • Not own more than 5 acres of agricultural land
  • No family member should be an income tax payer
  • No family member employed with state/central government
  • Name in voter list as on 1st January 2021

Required Documents

The following documents are required for applying under the scheme:

  • Identity proof - Aadhaar, PAN, Passport etc.
  • Address proof
  • Income certificate
  • Land records - Khasra, Khatauni, Jamabandi etc.
  • Bank account details
  • Photograph and signature
  • Toilet and water connection certificates

Application Process

Eligible applicants can apply through the SARA portal using the following steps:

  1. Visit SAARA portal https://saara.mp.gov.in/saaraweb/bhuadhikar/ruralplot.html
  2. Provide required details in the online application form
  3. Attach necessary documents
  4. Submit application and download receipt
  5. Application will be verified by local authorities

Downloading Application Receipt

To download the application receipt, applicants can visit the SARA portal and:

  • Check application status and receipt availability
  • Click on receipt download option
  • Enter registration details and download receipt

The receipt should be safely stored for future reference.

Key Features Details
Scheme Name Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana
Launched In Madhya Pradesh
Benefits Free 60 sq.m residential plot + Financial assistance
Eligibility BPL families without own home/land
Application Process Online through SARA portal

Impact of the Scheme

The Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana is expected to have the following impact:

  • Enable homeless families to build houses and enhance standard of living
  • Reduce housing shortage for economically weaker sections
  • Improve social inclusion by facilitating home ownership
  • Boost affordable housing across urban and rural Madhya Pradesh

Overall, the scheme aims to promote housing for all and plays an important role under the Chief Minister's Panch Kranti initiative for the welfare of the state.

Challenges in Implementation

Some key challenges in successful implementation of the scheme are:

  • Ensuring transparency and fairness in plot allotment
  • Verifying eligibility of applicants
  • Availability of suitable land for distribution
  • Monitoring house construction on allotted plots
  • Providing adequate funds and resources


The Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana aims to provide free residential plots to landless and homeless families in Madhya Pradesh. This will boost affordable housing and enable the poor to construct their own houses. Smooth implementation through online process and monitoring will ensure intended benefits reach eligible beneficiaries. The scheme, if executed well, can significantly uplift living standards and provide inclusive growth focused on the welfare of weaker sections.


Q1: What is Mukhyamantri Awasiya Bhu Adhikar Yojana?

A1: It is a scheme by Madhya Pradesh government to provide free residential plots to landless homeless families for housing. 60 sq.m plot is allotted through an online process on SARA portal.

Q2: Who is eligible for the free plot under the scheme?

A2: Landless families not owning a house or agricultural land more than 5 acres and with no government employed member are eligible.

Q3: How to apply for residential plot under the scheme?

A3: Eligible families can apply online on SAARA portal of MP government with required documents and details.

Q4: What is the plot size provided under the scheme?

A4: 60 sq.m residential plot is allotted free of cost to eligible beneficiaries in urban and rural areas.

Q5: Is financial assistance provided for house construction?

A5: Yes, banks provide financial assistance as loan for construction of houses on the allotted plots.

Q6: How does the scheme help weaker sections?

A6: By enabling home ownership, the scheme uplifts living standards, provides social inclusion and housing security for the poor and landless families.


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