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Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana 2024 || Registration

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched the Transparent Farmer Service Scheme to provide financial assistance and agricultural grants to farmers in the state. The scheme aims to make farmers economically and technically self-reliant while also increasing agricultural productivity. Key benefits of the scheme include subsidies on agricultural equipment, direct transfer of grants to bank accounts, crop insurance, access to farming information, and help in getting fair prices.

Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana 2024 

The main objectives of the Transparent Farmer Service Scheme are:

  • Provide financial assistance and grants to farmers to meet agriculture related expenses
  • Make farmers aware of new and improved farming techniques to enhance productivity
  • Enable farmers to adopt new agricultural technologies like solar pumps without financial constraints
  • Improve the economic status of farmers and raise their standard of living
  • Create opportunities for income generation through increased farm productivity

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scheme, the farmer must:

  • Be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh
  • Have an active bank account to receive grants
  • Provide land account details for verification

Services Available

The key services offered through the scheme's portal include:

  • Information on advanced farming techniques
  • Guidance on fertilizers and pest management
  • Seed testing facilities
  • Access to crop insurance
  • Weather forecasts and crop advisory
  • Quizzes and soil health cards
Service Benefits
Crop Insurance Protection against crop loss due to natural calamities
Seed Testing Ensures quality of seeds before sowing
Farming Techniques Increases productivity through modern methods

The portal provides a one-stop platform for farmers to access critical agricultural services and subsidies aimed at improving productivity and farm income.

Registration Process

To register for the scheme, farmers need to:

  1. Visit the portal and click on Farmer Registration
  2. Fill the application form with personal and land details
  3. Upload identity and address proof documents
  4. Submit the form and complete registration

On successful registration, farmers can log in to the portal with their credentials and avail various services. The grants and subsidies are directly transferred to the farmer's bank account linked with the portal.

Benefits for Farmers

Key benefits of the scheme for farmers are:

  • Subsidies on agricultural machinery like pumps, tools etc. to lower capital costs
  • Direct bank transfer of grants for agriculture related expenses
  • Crop insurance to safeguard against crop losses and natural disasters
  • Latest farming techniques for higher crop yield
  • Soil testing for land fertility management
  • Weather advisories for strategic crop planning

Overall, the scheme provides significant financial and advisory support to farmers for enhancing productivity and income. It aims to make farmers self-reliant using technology and information.


The Transparent Farmer Service Scheme offers a host of benefits for farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Right from subsidies and grants to farming knowledge and crop insurance, it provides comprehensive assistance to farmers. The easy registration process and direct transfer of funds makes it convenient for farmers. Adopting advanced techniques and technologies can help improve agricultural productivity and income. The scheme has the potential to bring about positive change in the lives of farmers in the state.


Q1: What is the Transparent Farmer Service Scheme?

A1: The Transparent Farmer Service Scheme is an initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government to provide financial aid, subsidies, and advisory services to farmers across the state for enhancing productivity and income.

Q2: Who can register for the scheme?

A2: Only permanent resident farmers of Uttar Pradesh having a bank account and land records are eligible to register for the scheme and avail benefits.

Q3: What are the key services offered by the scheme?

A3: Key services include agricultural grants, equipment subsidies, crop insurance, farming technique guides, soil testing, weather advisory, and market price information.

Q4: How can a farmer register for the scheme?

A4: Farmers need to visit the scheme's portal, fill the registration form with personal details, upload documents, and submit it to complete registration.

Q5: How are the grants given to farmers?

A5: The agricultural grants and subsidies are directly transferred to the bank accounts of registered farmers through DBT mode.

Q6: What are the benefits of registering for the scheme?

A6: Benefits include financial aid for agriculture expenses, lower costs through subsidies, crop insurance, access to modern farming techniques, and expert advisories for improving productivity.


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