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Relationship Manager|| ICICI Bank 2024 Retail Bank Group

ICICI Bank is seeking experienced relationship managers to join its Retail Banking Group and manage high-value customer portfolios. As a relationship manager at ICICI Bank, you will be responsible for acquiring new customers, managing and expanding relationships with existing customers, and providing tailored banking solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Relationship Manager|| ICICI Bank 2024

About ICICI Bank Retail Banking Group

The Retail Banking Group at ICICI Bank serves various customer segments across India through its extensive branch network of over 5,200 branches and digital banking channels. It aims to provide 360-degree banking solutions to retail, business, government and institutional customers using the ICICI Stack approach.

ICICI Stack integrates the full range of banking services like savings accounts, payments, credit cards, loans, and business solutions. The Retail Banking Group encompasses departments focused on specific customer groups and products such as mortgages, cards, personal loans, and the self-employed segment.

Key Responsibilities

As a relationship manager at ICICI Bank, you will:

  • Build long-term partnerships with customers by understanding their evolving needs and recommending suitable banking products and services
  • Grow and maintain a quality customer portfolio by acquiring new relationships and expanding existing ones
  • Analyze customer preferences, market trends, and partnerships to develop tailored solutions
  • Work across teams and departments to deliver superior service and fast resolution of customer issues
  • Identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities to maximize customer value
  • Offer the full range of retail, business, and corporate banking solutions

Essentially, you will act as a trusted advisor guiding customers to make optimal financial decisions. Your market and competitive insights will inform strategies to acquire new customers and uncover additional revenue opportunities.

Daily Activities

In your day-to-day work, you will:

  • Monitor industry trends and developments
  • Coordinate with stakeholders to formulate market and service strategies
  • Manage proposal and sales processes
  • Generate leads, qualify prospects, facilitate sales meetings
  • Devise and execute sales plans and relationship management approaches
  • Conduct business case analysis to support deal structuring


To be successful in this role at ICICI Bank, you require:

  • A graduate degree in any discipline
  • 1-8 years of experience in sales or relationship management
  • Strong customer orientation with ability to build trusted advisor relationships
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Commercial acumen and negotiation abilities
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently

ICICI Bank offers comprehensive training on products, sales processes, and skills development to equip relationship managers for success. The bank welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and industries looking to transition into banking.

Customer Segment Key Banking Solutions
Individuals Accounts, loans, credit cards, investments
Businesses Business accounts, loans, foreign exchange, cash management
Institutions Treasury, trade finance, electronic banking


As a relationship manager at ICICI Bank, you will have the opportunity to drive business growth by acquiring, developing, and maintaining a portfolio of high-value customers. If you have strong relationship-building skills and experience in sales, business development or account management, this is an excellent role to advance your banking career.

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Q: What are the key duties of a relationship manager at ICICI Bank?

A: The main responsibilities are acquiring new customers, managing existing customer relationships, identifying customer needs, recommending suitable products and solutions, resolving issues, and finding cross-selling opportunities.

Q: What kind of experience is required for this role?

A: 1-8 years of experience in sales, relationship management, business development or account management in any industry is preferred. ICICI welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Q: What training does ICICI provide?

A: ICICI offers extensive training on banking products and solutions, sales processes, relationship management, and personal skills development to prepare new relationship managers.

Q: What are the key skills for success as a relationship manager?

A: Strong customer orientation, communication and interpersonal abilities, commercial acumen, problem-solving, self-motivation, and analytical thinking are essential to excel in this role.

Q: How does the compensation structure look like?

A: The compensation can be up to Rs. 10 lakhs per annum based on experience and performance. Incentives are provided for new customer acquisition and portfolio growth.

Q: What are the future career growth prospects?

A: High performers can progress to managerial roles leading teams of relationship managers and driving business growth for ICICI Bank.


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