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MITS Gwalior Cut Off

MITS Gwalior Cut Off : The cut off trends for MITS Gwalior reflect the minimum ranks required in JEE Mains for admission to the various B.Tech programs offered at the institute. The cutoffs are released after JEE Mains results and form the basis for MITS admissions through counselling. Cutoffs vary as per factors like applicant strength, number of seats, course popularity and past trends.

Determining Factors for MITS Gwalior Cut offs

Some key aspects that determine the MITS Gwalior cut offs are:

  • Number of applicants to MITS Gwalior and individual courses
  • Total number of seats available in different branches
  • Level of competition and demand for specific programs
  • Previous years' cutoff trends and admission patterns
  • Difficulty level of JEE Main entrance exam
  • Academic records and merit of the applicant pool

The cutoffs for popular courses like Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanical engineering tend to be higher compared to other branches. Seat intake and applicants also influence closing ranks.

MITS Gwalior JEE Mains Cutoffs 2022

Course Category Opening All India Rank Closing All India Rank
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning General - Outside Home State 67,589 1,06,824
General - Home State 73,633 1,80,544
B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Robotics General - Outside Home State 59,610 1,95,359
General - Home State 73,505 1,94,789
B.Tech Automobile Engineering General - Outside Home State 87,568 1,23,152
General - Home State 3,43,782 9,01,453
B.Tech Chemical Engineering General - Outside Home State 1,03,604 1,34,400
General - Home State 1,62,677 8,30,160
B.Tech Civil Engineering General - Outside Home State 97,343 1,32,621
General - Home State 66,009 9,01,453
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering General - Outside Home State 5,331 73,825
General - Home State 20,518 79,204
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Data Science General - Outside Home State 60,272 98,719
General - Home State 56,699 1,26,479
B.Tech Data Science with Artificial Intelligence General - Outside Home State 56,079 1,33,712
General - Home State 28,567 1,52,200
B.Tech Electrical Engineering General - Outside Home State 75,327 1,07,797
General - Home State 1,16,313 8,37,346
B.Tech Electrical Engineering Internet of Things General - Outside Home State 79,680 1,04,068
General - Home State 1,39,478 5,41,211
B.Tech Electronics Engineering General - Outside Home State 74,961 7,62,496
General - Home State 70,613 6,52,721
B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering General - Outside Home State 61,679 3,17,605
General - Home State 1,00,870 2,42,683
B.Tech Information Technology General - Outside Home State 50,222 92,656
General - Home State 69,935 93,266
B.Tech Information Technology Internet of Things General - Outside Home State 59,621 2,34,491
General - Home State 76,736 2,29,091
B.Tech Mathematics and Computing General - Outside Home State 73,825 3,17,047
General - Home State 1,18,820 3,06,267
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering General - Outside Home State 92,157 1,09,677
General - Home State 1,79,947 2,76,859

The table summarizes the opening and closing ranks required for different B.Tech programs at MITS Gwalior through JEE Mains.

Cutoff Trends

Some key observations from the MITS Gwalior cutoffs 2022:

  • Computer Science programs required the highest ranks, indicating strong demand.
  • Outside home state candidates needed higher ranks due to limited seats.
  • Cutoffs for core branches like Mechanical, Civil, Chemical were moderately high.
  • Branches like Automobile, Electronics saw relatively lower cutoffs.
  • Cutoffs varied widely across categories within the same branch.
  • Closing ranks were higher for highly sought after programs like CSE, AI.

The cutoff trends reflect the student preferences and academic profiles this year. Competitive branches saw upward movement in cutoffs compared to previous years.

Impact of Cutoffs

The MITS Gwalior cutoffs serve as opening and closing ranks for admission. Ranks below the cutoff have lower chances of admission. The cutoffs give an idea of the programs and categories students can target as per their ranks and preferences.

Higher cutoffs indicate more competition and lower admission chances for lower rank holders. Applicants need to apply strategically to maximize options across colleges as per their ranks.

The final admission depends on later rounds of counselling and availability of seats. But cutoffs remain the primary eligibility criteria. Preparing early and scoring well in entrance tests is key to meeting required cutoffs.

How to Improve Rank for MITS Gwalior

Some tips to improve ranks and meet MITS Gwalior cutoffs include:

  • Thorough preparation for JEE Main using mocks, previous papers
  • Focus on concepts for strong core fundamentals
  • Give equal emphasis to all exam sections
  • Work on time management skills through regular practice
  • Analyze weak areas and improve through targeted revision
  • Attempt all questions accurately to maximize score

Meeting the cutoffs requires consistent efforts and improving exam strategy. Aspirants must align preparation level with cutoff requirements.


The MITS Gwalior cutoffs provide important guidelines for admission through counselling. Applicants should check the latest cutoffs and aim to secure ranks above the required levels. Competitive branches and categories necessitate higher ranks. Improved performance in entrance exams can help secure ranks within desired MITS Gwalior cutoffs.


Q1: How are the MITS Gwalior cutoffs determined?

A1: MITS Gwalior cutoffs are determined based on factors like number of applicants, available seats, previous trends, exam difficulty and candidate profiles. Cutoffs vary across branches and state quota.

Q2: How can I check the MITS Gwalior 2024 cutoffs?

A2: The MITS Gwalior 2024 cutoffs will be released after JEE Mains results in 2024. Candidates can check from official website or admission portal.

Q3: Do higher cutoffs mean better job prospects?

A3: Not necessarily. But higher cutoffs indicate more competition to get into a program. Prestigious programs attract better students. This indirectly impacts placements.

Q4: Are opening and closing ranks the only criteria for admission?

A4: No, meeting the cutoff is the minimum eligibility. Later counselling rounds and availability of seats also play a role in final admission offer.

Q5: How can I know the previous years' cutoffs for MITS Gwalior?

A5: Previous cutoffs are available on the institute website, entrance exam portal or can be obtained from the admission cell.

Q6: Is it possible to get MITS Gwalior CSE below the closing rank?

A6: Yes, it may be possible in late admission rounds if vacant seats are available. But chances are low for popular branches like CSE.


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