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PSC Mock Test To Practice and Excel in Exams

The Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC) conducts competitive examinations for selecting candidates for government jobs in Kerala. Cracking these highly competitive exams requires focused preparation on topics frequently tested by the Commission. Kerala PSC Mock tests or model exams are an effective technique to evaluate one's grasp on the syllabus and identify areas needing improvement.

This comprehensive guide provides PSC mock tests on the core topics and subjects tested in various 5 recruitment exams. Practicing these tests will boost exam preparedness and help aspirants to clear the exams in their first attempt.

PSC Mock Test 10th Level Preliminary Exam 

The 10th level preliminary examination is the entry-level screening test conducted for vacancies requiring a minimum qualification of SSLC/Class 10. Multiple PSC mock tests are provided covering different stages of the 10th level prelims - both latest and previous year papers.

Attempting these tests in a timed manner will acquaint aspirants with the actual exam format, question pattern and difficulty level.

Mock TestDetails
10th Prelims Mock Test Stage 1100 questions, 100 marks, 1.5 hours
10th Prelims Mock Test Stage 2100 questions, 100 marks, 1.5 hours
10th Prelims Mock Test Stage 3100 questions, 100 marks, 1.5 hours

Practice tests covering multiple stages will ensure comprehensive preparation and help improve speed and accuracy.

PSC Mock Test Previous Question Papers

Solving previous years' PSC Mock test papers is highly beneficial to understand the topics and types of questions asked. Model exams created using questions from original Kerala PSC Mock test question papers across various posts are provided.

These mock tests simulate the actual exam in terms of syllabus coverage, difficulty level, duration and marking scheme. Familiarity with the paper pattern will boost confidence on exam day.

Mock TestDetails
Village Field Assistant100 questions, 100 marks, 1.5 hours
IRB Assistant100 questions, 100 marks, 1.5 hours

PSC Mock Test Statement Type Questions

Kerala Psc Statement-type questions were introduced in PSC exams from 2021. Four PSC mock tests are provided to help aspirants master solving these new pattern questions.

These tests cover statement-type questions from various topics and subjects. Practicing them will help in understanding the concepts better and answering such questions quickly.

Subject-wise Kerala PSC Mock Tests

The Kerala PSC tests candidates' proficiency in many subjects including science, social science, maths, reasoning etc. Topic-wise mock tests are provided to build strong subject knowledge.

Science tests cover physics, chemistry, biology and science & technology. Attempting these tests will be useful in revising concepts and formulas thoroughly.

SubjectMock Tests
PhysicsHeat & Light, Sound, Solar System
ChemistryAtoms, Minerals, Everyday Chemistry

Mock Tests for Major Kerala PSC Exams

Practice papers for the most popular Kerala PSC recruitment tests such as LDC, LGS, and police constable are included. These will help assess exam readiness and identify weak areas.

Attempting mock tests on par with the actual exam pattern will familiarize candidates with the test format and environment beforehand.

ExamMock Tests
LDC5 tests, 100 questions each
LGS2 tests, 100 questions each

With regular practice of these mock exams, aspirants can improve speed, accuracy, time management and stress management during the actual Kerala PSC Mock tests.


The numerous free mock tests provided here cover the entire Kerala PSC syllabus, different exam levels and formats. Utilizing these tests to their full potential will lead to a thorough understanding of topics and help excel in the exams.


Q1: How will the mock tests help in Kerala PSC exam preparation?

A1: Mock tests will improve speed, accuracy, time management and identify weak areas. They provide exam practice in a simulated environment.

Q2: What types of mock tests are available?

A2: Topic-wise, subject-wise, exam-wise and previous years' question paper tests are available.

Q3: Are the mock tests free of cost?

A3: Yes, all the mock tests provided can be attempted free of cost.

Q4: What is the exam pattern of the mock tests?

A4: The mock tests simulate the actual exam in terms of number of questions, marks, duration and difficulty level.

Q5: How often should one take the mock tests?

A5: Attempting 1-2 tests daily in the months before exam will help build speed and confidence.

Q6: Will more tests be added in future?

A6: The collection will be continually updated with new and more tests across topics and levels.


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